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Employee Benefit Plans

An Unprecedented Full-Service Corporate LOGINEmployee Benefits Insurance Brokerage   

At Innovative Employee Benefit Solutions Inc. we save you the time of shopping around for the absolute best corporate employee benefit plan possible! We will also show you how to enhance your benefit plan, simplify your HR department’s administration and improve value through more effective communication.The tools we provide at "No Cost" such as a custom benefits webpage for both plan administrators as well as employees AND a call center for new hires and hard to reach employees during open enrollment...make working with us a refreshing, time saving, no hassle change!!!

We have and continue to research the industry, to determine which companies have the most competitive insurance products available and match you with the best employee benefit products to suit your needs and budget.
We are confident that our agency will:
  • Insure you with the best product at the best price with the best service in the industry
  • Make the implementation as easy as possible with automated enrollment processes where appropriate and census enrollments when possible
  • Communicate with your employees at a higher level, so they understand and value their benefit plan more...First a custom webpage is built, then a memo is distributed letting employees know how to access it along with dates for both group meetings and individual meetings that follow a couple days later. Employees feel informed and not pressured. A professional consultative approach. Due to COVID-19 we have added a person to person phone call to ensure employees are easily enrolled over the phone with email confirmation.
With access to every insurance company licensed to do business in Minnesota, we can offer you the most competitive employee benefits plan available in the marketplace. We only use top rated Insurance companies whose products can be customized to meet your needs.Our excellent relationships with these companies allow us to do things for our clients that other agencies just can not do.
The links listed below will take you to their respective pages for more information about our products.
At Innovative Employee Benefit Solutions, we work for you and your employees, rather than for the insurance companies.

Not only will you be confident in your decisions but your employees will be confident that they are making the best choices with our assistance in helping them identify their individual needs. They will appreciate working with a professional, salaried agent rather than high-pressured sales people. We listen to your employees articulate their needs, assure, advise, and guide them through the decision-making process. Our ability to effectively communicate the value of your company’s employee benefits along with our outstanding, ongoing customer service is the key to our success.

Employee Benefits have become a highly regulated market with new rules and regulations that can be confusing, time-consuming and very expensive, when not followed correctly. Innovative Employee Benefit Solutions will ensure that you stay on the right side of the ACA, COBRA, ERISA, HIPPA, FMLA, the PPACA and all the new required reporting that is necessary. We will help you implement plans and systems that make the administration of your employee benefits as simple as possible by brokeraging between you and the insurance companies, and protect both you and your employees.

Call Innovative Employee Benefit Solutions today for a comprehensive consultation of what your doing, who your using and how your doing it. We are "The Lakes Area" ONLY Insurance Broker that can handle 100% of EVERYTHING you need regarding your entire employee benefits plan!!!
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