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Employee Benefit Plans

Group Employee Benefits

Many clients came to us with the intent of wanting to cut costs without reducing benefits. We have learned that policy design along with how the communication process is handled, is the key to having employees value their group benefit plan.

After evaluating your current group benefits package, we will help you determine what plan designs make the most sense and show you why. We have contracts with all the big Ins. Co.'s you know of (Medica, Health Partners, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Delta Dental, Guardian, Sun Life, Illinois Mutual, MOH, TransAmerica, Allstate and about 30 more). We are actively looking at new and existing vclients policies and comparing to changes in the marketplace so we are always aware of what policies are most competitive through the different Ins. Co.'s. 

Just as important, however, is the transition for your employees by revealing logic and value through effective communication. Our clients welcome the systems we have perfected to make these transitions and appreciate the ongoing communication process.

We seem to make friends especially fast with Human Resourses Departments as a result of the structure and systems we bring to the table. We build each client a custom Benefits Webpage that conviently houses all benefit information (Explanation/overview and a Forms Page) for all policies in one spot is the first reason HR loves IEBS (Innovative Employee Benefit Solutions). The seccond reason is because we take a lot of work off their plate by Enrolling all New Hires through our IN HOUSE CALL CENTER!

No, your employees will not talk with ssomeone from India or the Phillippeans. No, they will not talk to someone who has no clue as to where they live or work. No, they will not talk to a commissioned salesperson who is paid through selling them insurance!!! 

YES, they will talk to a saleried IEBS benefits consultant who is located in the IEBS office and is from MN or ND. Yes, they can call back and talk to the same person. Yes, they will probably talk to the same person year after year or if they need help with anything and they call us.

Within your webpage in our website you will have enrollment instructions to your entire benefit plan along with... all brochures, rates, applications, claim forms, change forms, and every other document needed to understand, enroll & administer your group benefits plan.

Available 24/7 all in one spot, electronically!

We are available in person or virtually to conduct annual group benefits meetings followed up with individual enrollment meetings in order to have your employees as informed as they need to be. Typically we find it most effective and efficient to do the enrollment via one on one phone calls to your employees with emailed signatures through our secure platform. Whether its Life insurance, Disability Insurance or Health and Dental Plans, we will help your employees understand it all. We do all Group and Voluntary benefits so all information is available in one spot and delivered at one time by the same person.

We never leave a question unanswered. Calls are always returned within 24 hours and we will resolve any issues that may arise within an impressive time-frame.

Flex Plans

We have extensive knowledge and resources to implement, communicate and administer flex plans (section 125) utilizing debit cards, Electronic Funds Transfer transactions, and comprehensive reporting.

We make it easy to participate, thus maximizing employer FICA tax savings within your group benefits plan, but even simpler to administer. This incorporates Premium Conversion (POP plans); Medical Reimbursement Accounts; Dependent Care Reimbursement Accounts and HSA's. 

We will maximize participation in your flexible benefits plan by making it convenient to use and simple to understand.

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