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Disability Insurance

Of all the insurance products available, it is paramount to insure your paycheck with a Disability policy. Disability Income Insurance is a highly valued Group Employee Benefit.

In many cases we have shown our clients how to save thousands of dollars and reducing employees exposure, in comparison to sick leave programs.

Group Health insurance pays doctors and hospitals. People are left with bills. Dental insurance pays dentists. People are left with more bills. Disability insurance pays people so they can pay their bills!

A Disability Insurance policy covers both accidents and sickness. As a Group Employee Benefit, coverage is issued on a Guarantee Issue basis. The premiums are taxed so the benefits are tax free.

We will custom-design a disability insurance plan to suit your company's needs. As an employer, you can pay from 100% to 0%. Group Employee Disability benefits can be designed to start immeadiately for Short Term Disability or have a waiting period of up to 6 months with Group Long Term Disability Insurance.

We work with all the major disability insurance carriers including:

  • UNUM
  • Reliant Standard
  • Met Life
  • Guardian
  • Principal
  • Sun Life
  • and many others...

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