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Health Insurance

With Health Insurance premiums so high, it has become crucial to do everything possible to decrease costs. We have teamed up with insurance companies to be instrumental in addressing this problem.

Traditional Health Plans, Level Funded Plans and Self Insured Plans. HSA's, Section 125, COBRA, HIPPA, ERISA, FMLA, ACA, DOL and all the other support you need at NO COST!

Some insurance companies view things differently. We find the one that will work best for our client, which translates into premium savings. Understanding these idiosyncrasies makes us a leader in the field of Group Employee Medical Insurance. 

We also work with all of the major Group Health Insurance Companies such as United HealthCare; TrustMark; Blue Cross Blue Shield; Medica; Health Partners; Perferred One and a few more. We come to the table with an unbiased opinion as to which company we utilize. Having both a good working knowledge as well as solid relationships with all of the Group Employee Benefits Companies makes us a wise choice!



Dental Insurance

We work with structuring your Group Employee Benefits Dental Plan so it is affordable to both the company and the employees. The thing that is common with all of these benefits is that they are all different. We will help you as an employer structure your entire benefit plan so you are offering what you want to who you want to offer it too and spending what you want to spend in the process.

At Innovative Employee Benefit Solutions, we work with all of the major players  in the Dental Insurance arena including Delta Dental; Lincoln Financial; Guardian; Prudential; Brokers National; Met Life; Assurant and others. We pride ourselves on our success at saving our clients significant premiums in regard to dental insurance without having to reduce benefits in the process. In many cases we increase benefits AND reduce premiums!!!


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