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Individual Insurance Products

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When an employer does not make all the individual insurance benefits available, or you are just in a situation where filling the gaps due to personal reasons, owning an Individual Insurance Policy may be the right choice.

Allstate Individual Accident Brochure
Individual Accident Insurance can pay you a lump sum benefit for on- or off-the-job accidental injuries. These Individual Accident Insurance Policies fill the gaps left by the rest of your Individual and Group Policies.

Allstate Individual Application
Complete the entire application to the extent appropriate...

Allstate Individual Cancer Brochure
No one likes to think about getting cancer, but it will affect 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women and 3 out of 4 families. This Individual Cancer Insurance Policy has no lifetime limits!

Medica Solo, Encore and Symphony Application
Complete and review your application to assure accuracy.

Medica Solo Brochure
Lets face it, everyone says "It'll never happen to me" but then it does! AND at that point, not owning an Individual Health Insurance Policy will hurt as much as your actual injury!

Solo Rates 2011

Encore rates 2011

Symphony Rates

Medica HSA Brochure 

HSA Rates

HSA Tax Guidelines/Contribution Limits

HSA Plan Limits

HSA  Allowed Expenses

Medica Encore Brochure

Medica Symphony Brochure

Medica Policy info for Minnesota

Individual Term Life Insurance
We shop the top 65 companies who sell Individual Life Insurance your state. We show you the top 10 and help you determine which individual life policy to choose. We save people a lot of premium dollars when compared to what they commonly own! Individual Term Life options include 5, 10, 15, 20 & 30 year policies.

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